Friday, August 7, 2009

The crazy house

I have been attempting to remodel the main bathroom in my house. I call it the kids bathroom. I have made many changes to this house and I still forget how messy construction can be! Never does it just affect the room in which you are working. The entire house takes on the "under construction" quality. It even moves into the car. Then, my attitude morphs into one that needs some tweaking.
After the major part of the change is over, I work like a madwoman to get things back in order so my attitude can re-adjust. Things around here are looking much better.
Just in time for school to begin.

Does the construction, physical or otherwise, ever truly end? Maybe, we should pray it doesn't ever end. I would rather be changing, adjusting, cooperating, than stagnating. Things that become stagnate tend to smell eventually.

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