Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sick or Rejuvination? Both.

My little man has been healthy this entire school year. I have actually accumulated some sick days. So, I wasn't completely bewildered when he walked into the diningroom at 10pm and preceeded to vomit all over himself and the floor. If the timing of a sick child can be good, then this was good timing. We only had a half day at school the following day, so I quickly scheduled a sub, threw some plans together and headed to bed with a cool washcloth to wipe the moderate fever away from my sweet boy's face.
We were up quite a bit in the night with pain and more vomiting, and by morning he seemed to be on the mend. After a quick jaunt to drop Sis off and set up the kids for the sub and the sub for the kids, we came home. The fact that he was recovering from a virus, was not wonderful. But, spending the day laying on the couch, giving sips of water, making dry toast, actually reading a book for pleasure, was wonderful. When he fell asleep at 4pm, I didn't attempt to wake him in fear of the night sleep being adversly affected. I let him sleep. I sent some e-mails, I read a newspaper and a magazine. I did some laundry. I cleaned the kitchen. I did some plans for next week. I read more of my pleasure book. Then the most amazing thing happened; I began to feel bored. Bored! .... Me! .... Bored! I was delighted. I haven't been bored in years. No exaggeration what so ever. I'm a single parent, teacher, 10 year church member - I never get bored. I.....was.....bored. I could have cleaned more. I could have done some more work. I decided instead, to delight in the boredom. I let it soak in to my being. And then, I smiled. Boredom can be wonderful.